Ep. 35: Lil' Trouble in Big Renaissance


This week, Alicia reminds us to never trust banks. Jay take us on a musical tour-de-American-Europe. Cristaly makes our wildest birthday dreams come true.

Music sampled (for educational purposes): Lutist Jacob Heringman on Les Canards Chantants' "Now, O Now," "What Child Is This?" with YouTuber and lyrist rittajp, "Woodsong Wanderlust" by hammered dulcimer artist Joshua Messick, "Spring Dawn in the Snowy Mountains" with guzheng player June Chen, herald trumpeter Randy Dunn, "Road to Lisdoornvarna" with violist Ernst Stolz, "Praefatio de Ascensione Domini" with serpent player Douglas Yeo, "Annie Laurie" with YouTuber and contrabass serpent player thetubameister, "Aequilibrium" by hurdy-gurdy player Andrey Vinogradov, and a krumhorn ensemble with Piffaro, The Renaissance Band.