LitS Ep. 22: First Aid Kits & Cinnamon's Blessing


This week, Steve Jobs ALMOST claims Cristaly for the nether realm, but we shout him down. Alicia promotes Nyasporin, a hot new first aid product. Jay gets mad about a self-righteous web-slinging man. Cristaly mourns a 1055.

CONTENT WARNINGS: Mentions of eye injuries (in the context of first aid care), discussion of cut/wound care, blood mentions.

Music sampled (for educational purposes): "Try It And See" by Rita Pavone (written by Andrew Lloyd Webber), "King Herod's Song" by Bruce Dow (also written by Andrew Lloyd Webber), "Jellicle Song for Jellicle Cats" by Cats: 1981 Original London Cast (written by - wouldn’t you know it - Andrew Lloyd Webber).