Lost in the Shuffle is a show where three young 20-somethings share all the expertise you need to make it through your own 20-somethings. Think of it as an indispensable handbook. A guide to the rest of your life. A Bible, dare we say - if a Bible was three good friends howling about Neopets.

But at the end of the day, we’re a comedy show made by three queer millennials who talk nerdy, share gripes, and laugh at our own jokes. Have a listen - you might just relate!


Theoretical Adults



Pronouns: tHEY/tHEM
Age: 25


Alicia is your navigator! They’re that friend you go to for all the important life stuff. And they’re always happy to provide - after looking it up, that is.

They love cooking, knitting, foraging for mushrooms, and Dragon Age fanfiction.



Pronouns: hE/hIM
Age: 25


Jay is your teacher! From U.S. history to Guy Fieri, he’s always got a healthy helping of opinions that you are welcome to parrot at your next social event. They will NOT make you seem cooler.

He loves musicals, werewolves, trans discourse, and (regrettably) Disneyworld.



Pronouns: She/Her
Birthplace: Puerto Rico
Age: 25


Cristaly is just here to have a good time! Though her contributions to the show have no structure, they’re organic, handcrafted, stuffed to the brim with love, and seasoned with her high-pitched tones.

She loves Nintendo, her girlfriend, Bandori, school supplies, and going to college.